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Pneumobile 2021

NEW date for competition: 18. September 2021.

01.04.2021. 09:01

Dear Teams!


Due to the current pandemic situation and the lockdowns in Europe in agreement with our participants the deadlines of Pneumobile Competition have been extended and the final event has been moved from May to 18. September 2021.


Further details:


We wish you good work and, last but not least, good health!

The rules of the competition are changed due to the virus situation

13.01.2021. 09:30

Dear Teams!


As indicated in December 2020, due to the virus situation, we need to apply some modifications in the competition’s rules.


We have revised the Announcement and the Competition Rules, which you can find on the website under the menu „Pneumobile 2021/Announcement and rules – NEW”. Please read the documents carefully, and if you have any questions, please contact us – we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


We wish you good work and, last but not least, good health!

Emerson XIV. International AVENTICS Pneumobile Competition 2021

01.10.2020. 12:13

Dear Teams!

Our 2020 race year was a bit special due to COVID situation. However, we have not lost any of our enthusiasm, so Emerson is now advertising competition for the fourteenth time to design and build pneumatic vehicles.

The Competition Notice and the Regulations, as well as other related documents, can be found under the menu Pneumobile 2021.

You can register for the competition on the website until 31.10.2020.

We are kindly waiting for you!

Emerson Announces Winners of 13th International Pneumobile Competition

09.06.2020. 10:14

Annual engineering challenge engages engineering students in developing compressed air “pneumobile” vehicle designs

Emerson’s AVENTICS™ 13th International Pneumobile Competition Will Proceed

27.04.2020. 14:54

Annual international engineering challenge will have a modified format with virtual judging of design of vehicles powered by compressed air — “pneumobiles” — created by engineering students

Pneumobile cancellation notification

24.03.2020. 06:20

Dear Teams,


There is no higher priority to Emerson than the safety of our customers, business partners, employees and those people that we interact with. With the ongoing threat of COVID-19 Coronavirus to the health of our communities and to our businesses, we are committed to minimizing the spread of this virus.

This has led us to make the difficult decision to cancel the main event of Emerson’s XIII. International AVENTICS Pneumobile Competition, which was planned to be held on 7-9th of May in Eger, Hungary.

We know that you have been working hard on your Pneumobile projects and we want to recognise the effort that you have put in so far.  We will thoroughly evaluate the project and technical documentation you have already submitted and will issue a number of awards.  These will be given out at an online awards ceremony that will take place on the 8th of May.  Further information will follow.

This cancellation does mean that the competition has ended for this year and you do not have to meet any more of the milestones laid out in the competition timeline (see section 5.3.1 in the competition rules).

Please keep hold of any of the components that we have sent.  You can continue to work on your projects when the circumstances allow.  You will be able to carry this work through to the 2021 Pneumobile competition.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at


Best regards,


Emerson Automation Solutions

Control system

16.10.2019. 13:39

Dear Teams!

The Control system competition announcement has been uploaded to the Competition rules menu, Emerson Automation Solutions provides PLC elements for 10 teams this year. You can find the details in the announcement!

Don't forget, you can sign up for the 2020 competition until 31. October 2019, at!

XIII. Emerson’s International AVENTICS Pneumobile Competition

01.10.2019. 11:30

Dear Teams!

AVENTICS Hungary Ltd, Eger is announcing the competition for the designing and building of pneumatic driven vehicles for the 13th time.

The Announcement and the Competition rules are available under Pneumobil 2020.

The technical specifications and details of Emerson PLC, that can be applied for this year's competition, will be announced shortly!

Please use for nomination, open from 02.10.2019. Deadline for registration is 31.10.2019.

Hungarian team wins Emerson’s XII Aventics™ Pneumobile Competition

13.05.2019. 14:45

Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ BME Műszakik AiR-115 team took the top prize at the annual competition of compressed-air-powered vehicles designed and created by engineering students.

Hotel reservation

14.03.2019. 12:41

Dear Teams!

We would like to inform you that we will open the hotel reservation platform at tomorrow.

You can book your rooms until 07 April 2019.

We wish you all the best for the preparing!

Yours Sincerely
the Aventics Pneumobile Team

Test about the knowledge of the rules

14.03.2019. 11:41

Dear Teams!

Under Section 9.3.2 of the  Announcement and rules, we give the opportunity to fill the proving test about the knowledge of the rules.

On the  website, you can find the test under the „QUIZ” link in the menu bar.

The link includes a security code (like uploading the design document) which is valid for 60 minutes.

The team members can fill the test without limitation.

The teams get 20 questions which are randomly selected.

After filling the test, the system shows the number of wrong answers.

If 90% of the answers are right, the test filling will be accepted. The KO criterion will be fulfilled.

You can fill the test between 15.03.2019 and 23:59 on 07.04.2019.

We wish you every success in completing the task!

Yours Sincerely
the Aventics Pneumobile Team

Evaluation of design documentation

05.02.2019. 10:15

Dear Teams!

49 teams nominated to the competition, from which 41 design documentation were accepted by the jury during the evaluation in January, we are waiting for the completions, modifications from the other teams. Based on the evaluations, we ordered the requested pneumatic elements to ensure the deliveries for the planned time.

We wish all teams good preparation!

Information for Teams

29.11.2018. 15:37

Dear Teams!

We are happy to inform you that 49 teams from 8 countries registered to the XII. International Aventics Pneumobil Competition - powered by Emerson in 3 categories (junior, normal, senior). The "Introduction of Teams" page contains the nominating universities and teams. You can find useful information for the preparations in the "Downloads" menu where you can find a list of mentors for teams. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our colleagues or the organizing team at
We kindly remind you, that the deadline for submitting the design documentation is December 31, 2019

We wish you a successful preparation!

Modification of deadline for registration

30.10.2018. 14:57

Dear Teams,

we kindly remind you, that the nomination deadline for the XII. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition - powered by Emerson will expire soon. If you are interested, please register your team at until 5th November, 2018, 23:59 pm. We wish you good luck for the preparations!

Pneumobile Organizing Team

XII. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition - powered by Emerson

28.09.2018. 11:00

Dear Teams!

AVENTICS Hungary Ltd., Eger is for the 12th time announcing a competition for designing and building a pneumatic driven vehicle, called XII. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition 2019 - powered by EMERSON this year.

Organisational information

28.03.2018. 14:23

Dear Teams and Visitors,

preliminary race program and information about accomodation and catering is available at

Deadline for submitting documentation

19.12.2017. 14:04

Dear Teams,

we kindly remind you, that deadline for submitting documentation is 31.12.2017!

Introduction of teams

25.10.2017. 13:36

List of teams, that are registered and approved, is availabe from page.

We are looking forward to further registrations until 31.10.2017!

Deadline for registration and technical information

20.10.2017. 09:59

Dear Visitors/Competitors,


we kindly remind you that deadline for the XI. International Aventics Pneumobile Competion is 31.10.2017, 23:59!

XI. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition

02.10.2017. 14:37

Dear Teams, Registration for the XI. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition is possible from 02.10.2017. at 24:00:

For competition rules, please check this page.

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