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General information

  1. Date and place:

    Date of the competition: 11-12th May 2012
    Place of the competition: Eger, Érsekkert

  2. Program of the competition:
    1. Vehicle-check - checking the technical parameters and the fulfilment of the safety requirements
      1. Planned date: 11th May 2012, 08.00 - 13.00
      2. Detailed information for the teams
      3. Vehicle show in the city centre of Eger
      4. After the check, the vehicles will be put to a closed and guarded car park
    2. Training races - compulsory - before the competition

      Planned date: 12th May 2011, 7.00 - 9.30

    3. Races:

      1. category: The longest run distance
      2. category: Smartness (slalom) track
      3. category: Acceleration-race

      Planned date: 12th May 2012, from 10.00

    4. We provide accommodation for the team members and for supporting instructor for the time of competition - for 2 nights on 11th and 12th May 2012.
  3. The registered teams participate in the competition on their own risk
    1. Before the start of the race the participating teams shall give a declaration in writing regarding accepting and keeping the competition rules and the instructions of the organizers.
    2. Participants shall declare that the construction does not cause any hazard for the human health and for the natural environment neither in static nor in working moving state.
    3. Participants shall declare that the drivers of the vehicles as well as their supporting team mates have not consumed any alcohol, medicine or drugs neither right before nor during the race and they are not affected by these drugs.
    4. The members of the teams participating in the competition shall be fully liable for any damages caused to a third person.
    5. Organizers exempt their liability for any damages caused by participants or their vehicles during the competition.
    6. Organizers do not assume any liability for any accidents evidently not caused by the organizers.
  4. We are going to give great publicity to the event by inviting of national and regional media representatives.

    The organizers are going to make an agreement with the participating teams for the appearance of the “racing cars” on latter professional events. The conditions of the agreement shall be defined separately for each team.

  5. Further information:
    1. Vehicles participating at former races can enter the race in 2012 if they are rebuilt according to the new conditions and fully meet the requirements of the race 2012.
    2. The race is open for visitors.
  6. In every case, correspondence should be sent to:

    Bosch Rexroth Pneumatika Kft. 3300 Eger, Bánki Donát u. 3.

    Or via e-mail:

Eger, 1st October, 2011

REMINDER - Important deadlines

21 October 2011

Registration for presentation of Rexroth pneumatic products

07 November 2011

Registration deadline

24 November 2011

Confirmation of the registration

19 December 2011

Submitting the documentation

20 Febr. - 09 March 2012

Providing Rexroth components

12 March - 13 April 2012

Providing pneumatic accessories

11 May 2012


12 May 2012


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