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Pneumobile 2022

Deadline for submitting documentation

19.12.2017. 14:04

Dear Teams,

we kindly remind you, that deadline for submitting documentation is 31.12.2017!

Introduction of teams

25.10.2017. 13:36

List of teams, that are registered and approved, is availabe from page.

We are looking forward to further registrations until 31.10.2017!

Deadline for registration and technical information

20.10.2017. 09:59

Dear Visitors/Competitors,


we kindly remind you that deadline for the XI. International Aventics Pneumobile Competion is 31.10.2017, 23:59!

XI. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition

02.10.2017. 14:37

Dear Teams, Registration for the XI. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition is possible from 02.10.2017. at 24:00:

For competition rules, please check this page.

Results 2017

10.05.2017. 08:40

The competition results are available int the menu below: Results 2017

Kind reminder

28.03.2017. 10:47

Dear Teams,

Please remember: It is compulsory to take a successful exam on the Competition Rules until 2nd of April, 2017. If somebody fail to complete it, he/she will be disqualified.

Video competition

22.11.2016. 14:24

Photo and video competition is being announced for Pneumobil teams!

Championship of universities

22.11.2016. 14:23

Formal requirements

10.11.2016. 07:05

Dear Teams,

Hereby we inform you that the Formal requirements of technical documentation and project plan became available, which usage is mandatory. The document is in the download folder.…/downloads/formal_requirements

Announcement and Rules 2017

03.11.2016. 12:18

Dear Teams!


We would like to inform you that we have noticed translation mistake in English version of Announcement and Rules 2017.


In place of


5.11.3 Front wheels have to be 26”, with at least 28 spoke of wheel and min. double-wall rim.


Should be


5.11.3 Front wheels cannot be bigger than 26”, with at least 28 spoke of wheel and min. double-wall rim.


We kindly apologize for this mistake. Updated documentation will be soon uploaded to a server.


Yours Sincerely


the Aventics Pneumobile Team

Available the announcement and rules of the competition

01.10.2016. 00:06

„Dear Teams,

Registration for the X. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition is possible from
For competition rules, please check:…/announcement_for_the_competition

Competition movies and photos available

04.08.2016. 09:10

Operability of vehicles

08.04.2016. 14:25

As the deadline of April 25th 2016 is approaching, we have been still waiting for a video film, in that you prove for us, that your constructed vehicle can move from its own power.

Training bottle for qualification I. and II.

08.03.2016. 13:22

Documentation resend deadline and emergency-stop circle was changed!

18.01.2016. 13:37


Documentation review

12.01.2016. 12:22

We ask that the contact persons pay attention on their email addresses.


04.01.2016. 13:01

Dear Teams,
Download of the technical documents has been done. Thank you!

Deadline reminder

16.12.2015. 10:16

Video competition

01.12.2015. 10:33

Video competition is being announced for Pneumobil fan clubs! For details, please check


26.11.2015. 10:33

Dear Teams,

From today Pneushop is available on the website Do not forget: demand of elements submitting deadline is: 31. december 2015.

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