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Race Categories

Evaluation of the race

In 2008 the evaluation of competition was based on scoring. This is no more valid. In 2009 the evaluation will be based on the achieve race standings.

1. Category of creativity of design

The reception of machines will be held on the eve of the competition. The teams have to introduce the vehicles and answer the questions of the jury. The reception of the vehicles is made for two reasons. The first is to decide if the vehicle suits the published requirements of competition and if it can get a permission to take part in the race. The second is the technical evaluation of the vehicle and the comparison with other competing vehicles.

Criteria of the evaluation:

  • meeting the prescribed conditions
  • documentation
  • pneumatic circuit
  • innovative nature, creative solutions
  • applied materials in construction
  • volume of human work
  • quality of workmanship
  • appearance, design

The members of the jury will define a ranking individually, based on the above described criteria. The final ranking of this category will be resulted by the summary of the individual rankings.

Important!: The teams shall appear at the the vehicle reception in time, for the jury must survey every vehicle at one place and at the same time for making the judgement. Teams not arriving in time will be disqualified from this category of competition.

The first 3 teams will be awarded.

2. Category of long-distance

The vehicles have to make the longest possible distance with one charged pressure bottle. The pressure-reducer will be set on 8 bar. The vehicle shall be driven by all the members of the team in minimum 3 relays. (All 4 members, or at least 2 members one after the other in a relay.) This means that the vehicle shall stop during the race, and move on after the change of drivers.

Further requirement of category:

  • The average velocity shall be more than 8 km/h , including the duration of driver change.
  • The minimum achieved distance is 2 km. In case of not reaching above goals, the result of the team will not be evaluated in this category.
  • During the run the vehicle must not stop and restart (except for the driver changes). In case of stop (e.g. breakdown) during the run the distance reached until the stop-point will be evaluated as final result. The final result and place of this category will be determined on the basis of the measured distances made by the teams fulfilling above requirements.

The first 3 teams will be awarded.

3. Category of speed

The vehicle shall run one full round on the speedway in the shortest time with a filled air bottle.
The planned length of circuit is about 500 m. The pressure-reducer will be set on 8 bar.
The competitors shall drive 3 rounds continuously, and the time of each round will be measured. The shortest circle time will be evaluated as the result in this category. The vehicle has to speed up before crossing the start-line in order to have comparable circle times. The vehicle can stop once for max. 1 minute during the 3 rounds of race, but this stopping time will be also included in the actual circle time.
During the time of the stop, the driver can make adjustments on the settings of vehicle, but the other members of the team are not allowed to help him/her. The driver shall continue the race in less than one minute. If the driver is not able to move on in one minute then the shortest performed circle time will be registered as the final result of this category.
The ranking will be made based on the best circle times run by the teams.

The first 3 teams will be awarded.

4. Category of acceleration

The vehicle shall run a straight track in the shortest time, with a filled air bottle.
The pressure-reducer will be set on 8 bar.
Two vehicles will start parallel at the same time, from a standing position on the start line.
The pairs of teams will be carried out by a draw. Every vehicle will run only one track.
Ranking will be made based on the achieved time results.

The first 3 teams will be awarded.

5. The Best Pneumobile of Rexroth

The „Best Pneumobile of Rexroth” will not be determined based on the simple summary of category time results. Ther is no “absolute category”.

The “Best Pneumobile of Rexroth” title will be granted to one of the winners of the race categories by the joint decision of the jury and the management of Bosch Rexroth companies.

6. Extra prizes

Extra prizes can be set out based on sponsors offers later.

7. Change of pressure-bottles

The teams will get the filled bottles and the preset reducers before the start of category races in the „Supply zone” close to the circuit.

8. Order of race categories

  • 1. Distance race
  • 2. Speed race
  • 3. Acceleration race

9. Announcement of results

On site right after the competition.

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