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Thursday, 26 November 2015 Thursday, 10:33:31

Dear Teams,

From today Pneushop is available on the website Do not forget: demand of elements submitting deadline is: 31. december 2015.

PNEUSHOP” was opened on site today.


Teams can choose elements from this webpage. The selection of components is supported with catalog pages.


Components needed for vehicle have to be filled on the site: until 31.12.2015.



Important information’s:



1./ After the selection of elements quantities should be filled in following cells:


- In Have cell: Number of components which were built in the vehicle in previous years.


- In Requested cell: Newly requested quantities


- Provided cell: Contains maximum free of charge quantities


In case of the requested quantities are more than the provided quantities, the team have to pay for the extra pieces.


The summary field contains:


- Cost of vehicle: summary cost of components , received in past and newly requested this year


- Requested this year: summary cost of components which were requested this year


- Provided by Aventics: summary cost of components provided by Aventics


- Payable at own: summary cost of components paid by team.


2./ The accepted components will indicated in the Accepted checkbox by Jury. After acceptance components and quantities cannot be modified by teams.


In case of not accepted components, the Accepted checkbox stays empty and Jury will send comments about the reason of decline.


Teams can modify not accepted items in the second round of evaluation.


3./ In case of components for which dimension is needed requested quantities and length in millimeters should be filled in Note/size cell. (For ex ample: 1piece -200mm, 1 piece-300mm).


- Guide rail cutted to size (mm); Shaft cutted to size (mm) à Note/size: 1 piece with 200mm


- Tubes à The tubes are delivered in 5m length, teams have to give how many times to 5m is requested (For example: 2x5m requested)


4./ After commissioning accepted parts will be send to teams. Start of delivery will be marked with Sent check box.


Delivered goods should be confirmed by teams with marking a Received checkbox.


5./ Please fill up accurately the delivery address field that the delivery service can deliver safety and in time the shipment. Detailed delivery addresses (City, Street, Building, floor…) Availability of recipient (Day, hour from to)

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