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Pneumobile 2019

PLC training

19.02.2014. 08:28

Dear teams!

We are providing an informative presentation and WEBEX (telephone) consultation for the competitor teams about Rexroth PLC programming at 7th March 2014 (in English)!

Please indicate if you wish to participate on the consultation until 20th February 2014 via e-mail on!

Rectification task

01.02.2014. 11:28

Those teams who have rectification task in the evaluation table and we ask consultation at element demand, please send us the modified documentation and the demand of element until 3rd of February 2014. We can keep the element delivery only if you compliance with deadline.

Online training - video

07.01.2014. 14:22

Dear Teams,

The Online training video which has organised on 10th of December 2013 is now available in Pneumobile 2014/Downloads/Online training folder.

Online training

09.12.2013. 16:46

Dear Teams,

You can join to the Online training on 10th of December via Skype where you can ask your questions popping up during the preparations.

We are waiting for your questions from 15:00 and we try to answer them.

Online training

04.12.2013. 18:12

We organize an Online training where we will present the newness and important information regarding the Rexroth Pneumobil Competition 2014.

Emergency stop switching, Demand of elements - changes

20.11.2013. 11:49

Dear Teams,

At "Emergency stop switching" and "Demand of elements" items we changed the number of pieces.

We updated the documentations on the website. Please take into consideration these modifications and use this new version in the future!


Demand of elements changed

13.11.2013. 09:13

Dear Teams,

The "Demand of elements" Excel table is changed. If you have already downloaded this documentation please use this new version in the future! Thank you!

Pneumobile 2014

02.10.2013. 15:00

Dear Teams / Visitors,

The neccessary documentations for the VII. National Rexroth Pneumobil Competition are available on the website from today.

Downloadable documents - Racetrack maps

02.04.2013. 09:30

The Download section of 2013 competition has expanded with new technical aids, which are as follows.

Results of the telemetry documentations' evaluation

24.01.2013. 09:09

According to the rules of the competition the teams had the opportunity to apply for the "Race category of supplementary control, data collection and visualization", as known as the telemetry category.

Results of technical documentation's evaluation

16.01.2013. 14:39

The jury evaluated the submitted technical documentations, and accepted 42 team’s work-with more or less rectification.

Demand of elemets - changes

09.12.2012. 19:18

Pneumobile 2013

09.10.2012. 13:01

Yesterday officially started the preparation of Pneumobil 2013!

Redesigned slalom track

30.01.2012. 09:08

The preparation of the Pneumobil 2012 is already in full swing. Besides evaluating the documentations, the organizers are working at full blast to make the competition as exciting as possible.

Expanding product range: tooth chain driveExpanding product range: tooth chain drive

Expanding product range: tooth chain drive

13.12.2010. 15:13

Within the framework of the product support the competitors can also choose the tooth chain drive from the Bosch Rexroth product range.

Nearly 40 applications and many familiar faces

05.12.2010. 14:47

The nomination deadline of IV. Pneumobile Competetion was up in the middle of November. We have experienced happily, that the interest hasn’t decreased over the years. We have got 38 nominations for the 2011 competition, many of them are from those teams, who are with us from the beginning.

The Pneumobil competition wins the PRism AwardThe Pneumobil competition wins the PRism Award

The Pneumobil competition wins the PRism Award

03.12.2010. 20:54

The Creative Group announced the PRism Creative PR Award competition for the second time, whereby the most outstanding works of the domestic PR profession are recognized. Altogether 57 applications were received from the applicant agencies and their clients out of which 23 reached the final. The Rexroth Pneumobile competition with the ‘Drive with air!’ slogan was awarded the first place in the category of Event Communication by the jury.

PLC Online TrainerPLC Online Trainer

PLC Online Trainer

19.11.2010. 23:15

We compiled an interactive guide for the teams who require the Rexroth Indra Control L10 control equipment. The guide is available under the download menu.

Guide for component order

17.11.2010. 09:28

From today on we are publishing the „Demand of elements” excel sheet, which contains all the pneumatic, linear and electronic elements available for the teams. Please note every required elements in this list. The catalogue links will help you to indentify the products.

Please do not forget the date and the version nr. remark on the sheet, which should be refreshed in case of every modification, and after that, the whole sheet with new data should be sent to us.

Energetic conference in Szeged Energetic conference in Szeged

Energetic conference in Szeged

12.11.2010. 15:30

Energy as a topic will be a key issue in the future. In this autumn those the two conferences have merged, which have placed last year this question on the agenda at Szeged, because this issue have been becoming more important and actual every year.

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