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Pneumobile 2018Pneumobile 2018


26.11.2015. 10:33

Dear Teams,

From today Pneushop is available on the website Do not forget: demand of elements submitting deadline is: 31. december 2015.

Formal requirements and rules of competition change

10.11.2015. 09:54

Pneumobile championship of universities

16.10.2015. 06:04

Pneumobile 2016

02.10.2015. 12:47

Dear Teams,

registration for the IX. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition is possible from

For competition rules, please check:

Pneumobile 2015 - results

13.05.2015. 11:32

Official results of the VIII. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition are available in the "Results 2015" folder.

Evaluation of design documentation - 2nd round

02.03.2015. 11:57

Final results of the evaluation of design documentation were published as a list in the folder "Downloads". (

Drawing competition 2015Drawing competition 2015

Drawing competition 2015

27.02.2015. 14:03

We are announcing a drawing competition for students of schools in Eger - details are available in the attachment in Hungararian.

Evaluation of the design documentation

19.01.2015. 15:30

Design documentations of 50 teams were submitted for the VIII. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition and were evaluated by the jury between 12-16. January, 2015.

Results of the first evaluation round were published as a list in the folder "Downloads".

Instructions for the design documentation

22.12.2014. 09:05

Dear Competitor Teams and Supporting Professors!

Please consider the following instructions of „Competition rules” regarding the design documentation.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Video competitionVideo competition

Video competition

14.11.2014. 09:25

Video competition is being announced for Pneumobil fan clubs! For details, please check

Pneumobile consultation and requirements for design documentationPneumobile consultation and requirements for design documentation

Pneumobile consultation and requirements for design documentation

07.11.2014. 15:45

Formal and content requirements of the documentation.docx and Documentation evaluation.xlsx have been upploaded to "Downloads", please apply them.

In case of questions feel free to contact our colleagues for consultation according to the attached dates.


06.10.2014. 12:46

Racetracks are available on the pneumobil site from today.

New information

16.09.2014. 16:21

New informations are available and can be downloaded from the folder.

VIII. International Aventics Pneumobil Competition 2015VIII. International Aventics Pneumobil Competition 2015

VIII. International Aventics Pneumobil Competition 2015

08.09.2014. 12:40

We are announcing again the International Aventics Pneumobil Competition, for which you can apply from today on.

Details and all necessary documents are available in the folder Pneumobile 2015 -> Announcement for competition (

Aventics Pneumobil Gálafutam 2014 Aventics Pneumobil Gálafutam 2014

Aventics Pneumobil Gálafutam 2014

29.08.2014. 14:13

Place: Kecskemét, Kossuth tér

Date: 2014.09.06. 10:00-16:30

Photos and videos 2014

16.06.2014. 09:31

Photos and videos of the VII. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition have been uploaded and now available in the folders "Gallery" and "Videos".

Competition name changing

02.04.2014. 15:26

We would like to inform you, that the official name of Pneumobile Competition has been changed in 2014 to "VII. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition - Powered by Bosch Rexroth".

Win a fan bus!

28.02.2014. 08:48

We are announcing a competition for the fans of Pneumobil teams on the occasion of VII. International Rexroth Pneumobil. The teams can participate by sending a photo presenting the team themselves and their fans. We will get presented all photos on the Facebook Pneumobil page. The winner is the team, whose picture gets the most „like“ and sharing until the deadline. We would like to provide a „fan bus“ from the winner group’s town as a price, so the fan club can also participate on the event at 17th May 2014.

The topic of the pictures: „The bigger the fan club is, the faster the vehicle is?!

If you wish to participate at the race please send the photo until 14th March 2014.

PLC training

19.02.2014. 08:28

Dear teams!

We are providing an informative presentation and WEBEX (telephone) consultation for the competitor teams about Rexroth PLC programming at 7th March 2014 (in English)!

Please indicate if you wish to participate on the consultation until 20th February 2014 via e-mail on!

Rectification task

01.02.2014. 11:28

Those teams who have rectification task in the evaluation table and we ask consultation at element demand, please send us the modified documentation and the demand of element until 3rd of February 2014. We can keep the element delivery only if you compliance with deadline.

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