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Pneumobile 2019

Pneumobile is on the road with the 100 wondersPneumobile is on the road with the 100 wonders

Pneumobile is on the road with the 100 wonders

09.11.2010. 07:16

The 100 wonders exhibition held last year will continue this year as well. Regarding the great success, the organizers are touring the country as a road show so that there is a chance to see the exhibition for those who couldn’t make it this spring for the location at Budapest. The interactive exhibition shows 100 successful developments, inventions and innovations for those who are curious about how our lives will be line in 10 or 20 years.

Product introductions completed at Debrecen and Miskolc

08.11.2010. 16:33

Approaching the nomination deadline, the product consultations have begun as well. Our first locations were Debrecen and Miskolc, we want to thank the professors their support by the preparations.

Consultations and product info datesConsultations and product info dates

Consultations and product info dates

26.10.2010. 22:42

We are going to organize several meeting to provide information about the available Rexroth products for the Pneumobile 2011, together with a general consultation for the teams planning to enter the competition.

Documentation guide available

21.10.2010. 14:21

We have provided a guide and a sample for the technical documentation.

Overall announcement is onlineOverall announcement is online

Overall announcement is online

07.10.2010. 10:30

The Pneumobile competition, which is organized every year in Eger, is expecting the registration of applicants full of creativity also in 2011.

Drive&Control certificate for the next generation of engineersDrive&Control certificate for the next generation of engineers

Drive&Control certificate for the next generation of engineers

23.09.2010. 09:14

To appreciate the great effort of the young Pneumobile engineers the Rexroth Companies introduce this year a new initiative.

The competition goes onThe competition goes on

The competition goes on

23.09.2010. 09:11

Due to the continuing success and popularity of the event, the Pneumobile competition will be organized in 2011 again.

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