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Pneumobile 2018Pneumobile 2018

Consultations and product info datesConsultations and product info dates

Consultations and product info dates

26.10.2010. 22:42

We are going to organize several meeting to provide information about the available Rexroth products for the Pneumobile 2011, together with a general consultation for the teams planning to enter the competition.

Documentation guide available

21.10.2010. 14:21

We have provided a guide and a sample for the technical documentation.

Overall announcement is onlineOverall announcement is online

Overall announcement is online

07.10.2010. 10:30

The Pneumobile competition, which is organized every year in Eger, is expecting the registration of applicants full of creativity also in 2011.

Drive&Control certificate for the next generation of engineersDrive&Control certificate for the next generation of engineers

Drive&Control certificate for the next generation of engineers

23.09.2010. 09:14

To appreciate the great effort of the young Pneumobile engineers the Rexroth Companies introduce this year a new initiative.

The competition goes onThe competition goes on

The competition goes on

23.09.2010. 09:11

Due to the continuing success and popularity of the event, the Pneumobile competition will be organized in 2011 again.

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