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Results of technical documentation's evaluation

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 Wednesday, 13:39:25

The jury evaluated the submitted technical documentations, and accepted 42 team’s work-with more or less rectification.

The content and format quality of the submitted documentations improved significantly compared to previous years. We met several technological innovations and new unique solutions, we are looking forward for their physical implementation and practical application.

All teams received the evaluation table. Please if it’s necessary to clarify the pneumatically connections, look for our colleague, László SZABÓ for consultation. The “deficiency supply” identified in the last column of the evaluation table, and modifications should be carried out and sent to us till 2013.02.04. at latest, as well as the corrected documentation and demand of elements (with a new version number and date). Please take our comments in the column “Remarks” of the evaluation table into consideration when building the vehicle.

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