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Pneumobile is on the road with the 100 wonders

Tuesday, 09 November 2010 Tuesday, 07:16:05

Pneumobile is on the road with the 100 wondersPneumobile is on the road with the 100 wonders

The 100 wonders exhibition held last year will continue this year as well. Regarding the great success, the organizers are touring the country as a road show so that there is a chance to see the exhibition for those who couldn’t make it this spring for the location at Budapest. The interactive exhibition shows 100 successful developments, inventions and innovations for those who are curious about how our lives will be line in 10 or 20 years.

Passing the timegate visitors can be a witness to how we’ll travel, how we’ll protect our health and environment, what we’ll eat, what we’ll construct with. The 100 wonders exhibition presents those Hungarian trend and ideas, which can be effective all over the world. Who knows the 100 wonders, can picture what the future will be. One of the road show’s monumental locations was Debrecen, between the 22nd October and 7th November. In the Fórum shopping center, not only a hybrid car, a robot plane, or heatable clothes could have been seen, but the Gömböc too, which reached great success at the Sanghai Expo, were exhibited too.

One of the exhibition’s important participants is the “Best Pneumobile of Rexroth”, which travels the country with the other inventions this year before arriving for next year’s competition. Who haven’t had a chance, to see our compressed air vehicle, should visit the road show’s next station which is in the Cora supermarket at Törökbálint from 14th November until the 21th December 2010.

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