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Operability of vehicles

Friday, 08 April 2016 Friday, 14:25:19

As the deadline of April 25th 2016 is approaching, we have been still waiting for a video film, in that you prove for us, that your constructed vehicle can move from its own power.

The video film length has to be between 5 seconds and 10 seconds. The video can be created by any recorder (for example: smart phone, tablet etc.). The team, who does not prove that their vehicle can move from its own power, will be disqualified from the IX. International Aventics Pneumobile Competition as by April 26th 2016.


The video can be sent for us by one of the following three ways:


- via E-mail: in this case the video has to be smaller than 10 MB, otherwise the E-mailing systems will not forward us the film.


- via file-sharing: use the following link:


- via YouTube: please, send us the link of the video


We are waiting your videos and we wish a good preparation:

The Pneumobile Organizer Team

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