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Nearly 40 applications and many familiar faces

Sunday, 05 December 2010 Sunday, 13:47:40

The nomination deadline of IV. Pneumobile Competetion was up in the middle of November. We have experienced happily, that the interest hasn’t decreased over the years. We have got 38 nominations for the 2011 competition, many of them are from those teams, who are with us from the beginning.

The international outfield is strengthening, 9 foreign teams are expectable, one of them, the most special team of the competition of 2011, which consist of only women. In the point of technical parameters, we sharpened primarily the security requirements this time, due to the rapid development of the vehicles’s performance. As we sad in the product introduction consultation, we have made some innovation in the categories: skill tasks are expected, which will test the stability of pneumobiles.

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