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Instructions for the design documentation

Monday, 22 December 2014 Monday, 09:05:08

Dear Competitor Teams and Supporting Professors!

Please consider the following instructions of „Competition rules” regarding the design documentation.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Regulations of the elaboration of documentation:

Technical documentation have to prepared in one PDF file in the form of „Documentation of technical design” which is available on the homepage. Every technical information, pneumatic circuit diagram have to be included in this document, separate attachments are not admitted.

The required pneumatic elements have to be listed in the „ Demand of elements” chart and have to be submitted in a separate Excel file. The Demand of elements 2014.xls table - by popular request - minor changes are done, please use this version (3) in the future. We attach a small “dictionary” to make the completion of table easier.

Every page of the documentation should contain the date and version number. Later in case of modifications or additions the version number should be changed to the next one and the whole documentation is to be sent in again.

Documentation can be submitted only after the approval and signature of your supporting instructor.


  • Term of submitting of documentation: 31.12.2014
  • Reply (acceptance or further requirements): 20.01.2015
  • Submitting corrections and supplements: 03.02.2015
  • Information on final acceptance: 17.02.2015 (only when corrections were required)

In case of delayed or incomplete submitting of documentation the team will be punished with a 50% deduction of the achieved score in the technical category. That will be communicated until item 4 of “Deadlines”.

Accepted language of documentation: Hungarian or English.

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