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Guide for component order

Wednesday, 17 November 2010 Wednesday, 09:28:20

From today on we are publishing the „Demand of elements” excel sheet, which contains all the pneumatic, linear and electronic elements available for the teams. Please note every required elements in this list. The catalogue links will help you to indentify the products.

Please do not forget the date and the version nr. remark on the sheet, which should be refreshed in case of every modification, and after that, the whole sheet with new data should be sent to us.

Every cylinder, valve and control element, which can be found on the pneumatic switching drawing, should have an item nr. in the table, and you should mark, if you need it or you have it already from earlier years („kérem – van” -> required or available)

You can fill in the sheet „Demand of elements” also in more steps, but the first version should contain all the cylinders, valves and control elements and should be sent to us with the documentation until 17th December 2010. Plugs and tubes can be specified later, but before the 15th February 2011.

The compulsory emergency-stop switchings can be found in the table (as a pocket, you do not need to the describe it in details) Drawings of the optional emergency-stop variations can be found at „Downloads”.

In the "Downloads" you can find the Messer bottle's datasheet, the pressure regulator's 3D model and it's regular flow-rate.

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